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In College Admissions, Is It Important to Show Your Love?

February 2019

In this article for, Nina discusses demonstrated interest.


College Consortia: A Cooperative Model That Offers Students Greater Value

February 2017

Find out how colleges in the same geographic areas are teaming to deliver a better student experience.


Using Social Media to Get Into College

November 2016

We always hear about the negative side of social media. Nina explains what candidates can do to enhance their possibilities.


How Students Can Position Themselves for Selective College Programs

September 2016

This peek inside Penn Admissions helps you understand what goes on with elite applicants having niche interests.


Does it Hurt to be from New York? Geographic Diversity in College Admissions

February 2018

Colleges provide insight on the pros and cons of being from out of state.


Undergraduate Business Education: What are the Payoffs?

October 2019

Nina interviews some legends about the growth and development of undergraduate business education.


How to Write a "Why This College?" Essay

August 2021

Applicants can learn more about how to develop this all-important essay for their target college.


Questions to Ask Your College Interviewer

November 2021

We always hear about questions you'll be asked. But what questions should you ask the interviewer?


What if My Child Doesn't Get in Anywhere?

August 2021

Here's a commonly asked question (unfortunately). But what really happens?


College Application Mistakes: What Could Doom Your Child's Candidacy?

August 2021

It's already competitive enough to get into a selective college. Find out what key mistakes every applicant needs to avoid.


Mastering the College Interview

January 2022

Nina shares tips on this Inspirica podcast.


How to Create a College Counseling Program at Your School

February 2022

Follow Nina's suggestions as she takes you through important steps in setting up a proactive program customized to students and involving parents and faculty.

Summer Activities Students Can Do to Boost Their Candidacy

March 2022

Nina suggests ways students can expand on what they love while still enjoying their summer break.


In the Media

How to Enhance Your Profile in a Test-Optional Admissions Climate

August 2022

It's all about the supplements!